Poker Strategy

Poker Strategies can be complex, mathematical equations or something as simple as never playing a hand lower than a pair of 10’s. Each person, casino, player and uncle will give you different strategies in learning how to win at Poker and each one of them may be right. But only for their gameplay and not consistently!

Using the strategies listed below you will be able to accomplish two things:

1. You WILL increase the size of the pots you win.

2. You WILL play MORE hands with GREATER effectiveness, MAXIMIZING your odds of winning.

During the Pre-Flop, players will receive 2 cards each, face down. The Pre-flop strategy can be very complex, but is best kept simple; any hand you have that could stand on it’s own without any additional cards, is a hand that you want the other players to PAY to see!! If you have a hand containing high pairs (AA, KK, QQ, JJ) you would raise during the Pre-Flop.

Any hand that you are dealt, and is likely to turn into a draw (meaning, having to use the board cards to make a winning hand) on the flop, is a hand you want to call and pay as little as you can to play.
What each player is looking for on the Pre-Flop is a reason to continue playing, but this has to be tempered with intelligence.

As an example, let’s assume you are dealt the Jack of Spades and the 10 of Hearts. In this situation, because your cards are not capable of winning the hand without additional cards, you would only call the Blind, or simply fold.

Each betting situation is different and should be treated as such. Sometimes the greatest hands could not hold up on their own during the pre-flop, but ANYTHING can happen in online poker games!

Using a very simple phrase, after the Flop, you are looking for a GOOD reason to continue. If you want to win money at playing Poker, you have to use your head and make smart decisions.

As an example, let’s assume you are dealt the Jack of Spades and the 10 of Hearts.
No player raised the blinds and 5 players call.

The flop reveals the King of Spades, the Jack of Diamonds and the 2 of Clubs.

Your Hand

Board Cards

Jack of Spades – 10 of Hearts

King of Spades – Jack of Diamonds – 2 of Clubs

While your pair of Jacks may look great, they are the low pair and will not be a winning hand.

By folding at the right time you accomplish two things:

1. You keep your bankroll beside you, allowing you to see more flops and play more hands!

2. Used correctly, folding can will confuse other players and allow you game play to remain a mystery.

The more times you get to see the Flop, the more likely it is you will be able to draw a winning hand and take the pots. By betting smart, checking and raising effectively, you GUARANTEE an increase in your odds of winning more pots.

The Turn is an interesting stage in the game of Texas Hold’em This is usually where most of the action in a hand can be found. If you have five players sitting at a table, and two of them have decent Poker hands, and a third player has the Nuts, the betting can be fast, intense and expensive.

This is not the place to lose your cool! Remember, assessment and knowledge are what will give you the edge over the other players. Let’s assume you have just joined an online poker game in progress and there are three players in the hand and one sitting out.

What can you decipher from the players reactions?

Well, do the other players fold when Bob, bets big? If they do, does that mean that he has been winning most of the hands? Does the player named Sam, call every bet and fold when re-raised? These are all some of things you need to know. If they re-raise a player and you see repeatedly that the player doesn’t have the cards, you know this player is loose player who has no idea how to play.

Poker is mostly about a little common sense, a little bit of luck, and and the ability to assess what other players are thinking, how they play.

If you have pulled out the nuts (to be sure you have the nuts, refer to our Poker Hand Ranking) on the Turn, then bet heavy and see who is against you. If you are waiting for another card make sure you have a high probability of catching it or fold your hand.

The River, or the Final community card to be dealt is dealt face up and completes the Five Community Cards called the Board.

The River is sometimes your greatest friend, but more often, your worst nightmare! If you are relying on the last card available in the hand, to become a possible competitor for the hand, then stop playing poker and send you money directly to me!

Be careful of the player who has been checking the entire hand and suddenly starts to bet like he’s got the winning hand in the World Series Of Poker final match. This is the player who is either trying to buy the pot to cover some losses or has picked up the card they required to complete their hand. If you have been playing smartly, and are still in the hand, it is likely you have a good hand.

Assess the players you are facing. In Poker you can observe games before deciding to join. If you are facing a player who often raises and doesn’t have the hands to win, then they are likely bluffing. If you are facing a player who seems to be winning more often than losing, folds at smart times, then you are likely playing someone who knows what they are doing and got the card they want.

At the end of the day, you will be the judge of your hand. Even mistakes can be profitable. AS LONG AS YOU LEARN FROM THEM. If you fold too early against a player and face them again in a later situation that is similiar, Push for the win.